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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Order by Whatsapp for my business ?

Go to Pricing page. Select the plan you need for your business and click Get It Button. It will guide you through to get order by whatsapp system for your business.

2. How to pay money for my plan ?

Click Get It button in Pricing plan page. You will get bank details through whatsapp for paying money. If you are living outside India you can pay through Paypal in dollars.

3. How to renew my order by whatsapp system ?

Please go to Renew / Upgrade page in this website and follow the steps. Your account will be renewed within one business day from the date of payment for renewal.

4. Can I upgrade from one plan to another plan ?

Yes you can upgrade but you will lose your existing plan validy. You have to go to Renew / Upgrade page and follow instructions in that page. 

5. If I have any doubt in Order By Whatsapp System what to do ?

Read the instructions in your admin sheet carefully and see our demo videos. If you still have have doubts contact us through our whatsapp number. 

6. Can I get Order By Whatsapp System in my own domain name ?

Yes, you can register your own domain and set redirect to your Order By Whatsapp page all by yourself. If you need professional service to do the same, we may do it for you at an additional cost. However, please note that domain names should be renewed every year paying the domain charges.

7. Can I get Order By Whatsapp System for one time payment ?

Even though we do not charge you extra for web hosting, we do pay a huge amount for hosting company every year. So since we also should also charge every year for the system, we could not give this for one time payment.

8. How do I change my whatsapp number ?

You can easily change your business whatsapp number anytime yourself in your admin sheet.

9. How do I contact support through phone ?

If you are living in India you may request for a call back through whatsapp. We will call you back from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Indian time. Whenever you contact us through whatsapp please do mention your Customer Id.

10. Can I upgrade from free plan to Silver, Gold or Diamond Plans ?

You cannot upgrade but you can sign up for a new plan freshly.

11. What will happen if I do not renew ?

If you do not renew, your system will stop working. If you did not renew within a month, you will lose your custom url.

12. I have updated my products, but they are not showing. why ?

Please check whether you have entered the number of variations and whether you have clicked the refresh link after updating.

13. How to get one extra month ?

Share your Customer Id with your friends who want to sign up for the system. When they use your Customer Id as referral code both you and your friends will get one extra month for free. You can refer any number of people like this and get that many extra months free.

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