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Order By Whatsapp System

For small and medium size business which gets orders through whatsapp. 

No need for sign-up by your customers. 
So your customers will love this for sure. 

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This works better with Business Whatsapp.


Logo and Branding:
You can add your logo and business name in Order By Whatsapp System.

Title Description:
Below the title you can add few lines like your business address or any other details that you may want to convey to your customers.

Adding Products:
You can add up to 50 products for Silver Plan which is more than enough for most of the businesses. In Gold and Diamond plan you can add unlimited products.

Product Name:
You can add your products name in any language you want. Product names are highlighted in bold letters.

Product Description:
You can add one or two lines about your product in the description below each product. For example if you want to give discount for one particular product, then you can add it in that product description.

You can easily add variations in our order by whatsapp system. Silver Plan has option to add up to three variations and in Gold and Diamond Plans you can add up to six of them.

When you a sell a product with different weights or sizes, it is called as variation. For example when you sell same product with 200 gm packing, 500 gm packing and 1 kg packing, that means you have three variations. Alternatively, you can also use categories option for this variation purpose. For example, you can list 200 gm packings under one category and 500 gm packing under another category. Check our demo site for more clear understanding.

No Ads:
No annoying Google Ads or any other pop-up or disturbing ads. So your customers get ad-free experience.

Adding Photos:
You can easily upload photos in our website and get direct links. Link to upload in given in your admin sheet. Just paste the direct links in your product list. Thatsall. When someone clicks on the photos, it will enlarge to give a clear view. Check out demo site to know more.

Total Shipping Charges:
You can set total shipping charges for your orders through our system. For example when you set Rs.50 as shipping charges it will show as Delivery Charges in the cart and adds up to the total value.

Custom Message:
When someone clicks and orders, that order will be taken to your whatsapp number with all details of your order and its value and your bank details. You can also include any custom message that you want to tell your customers. Example of Custom Message: "Our office closed due to lockdown. Allow us one week time to send the goods".

Custom URL: 
You can get your own custom url like www.orderbywhatsapp.com/shop/yourname. You can also register your domain name separately like www.yourname.com and redirect that to this system. 

Tax Calculation:
You can set tax percentage for your products. For example if you set 18% tax, the system will calculate 18% tax for all your products and show it separately in cart.

Discount Calculation:
You can set discount percentage for your products. For example if you set 5% discount, the system will calculate 5% discount for all your products and show it separately in cart.

You can set as many categories as you want. No limitations. For example if you sell fruits and vegetables, then you can set a category named "Fruits" and another one as "Vegetables" and order them accordingly. All the category names are automatically added to the top scroll bar. When someone clicks over it, that category is shown. It makes easy for the customers to order products.

Free Shipping Limit:
If you want to charge shipping charges as Rs.50 and want to offer your customers free shipping on orders above Rs.500, then that is your free shipping limit. Enter your free shipping limit and Order by Whatsapp system calculates accordingly.

Minimum Order Limit:
If you do not want to accept orders below Rs. 300 then that is your minimum order limit. Set it in your admin and our order by whatsapp system would not allow your customers to make an order less than Rs.300.

Fool Proof Order Receipt:
When the order is placed through whatsapp, anyone can edit the order easily before it is sent. This Fool Proof Order Receipt eliminates that problem. It is an auto generated receipt and order whatsapp message carry this receipt along with the order. You can click open it and double check the order details and order value.

Category Description:
You can write few lines below any category name about that category. For example if you want to give 5% discount only for products of that category, you can mention that in that.

Cart Message:
You can add your custom message above the cart. An example of cart message is "If you need GST Bill, please send your GST details through whatsapp after placing the order."

Weight Based Shipping:
When you want to calculate shipping charge based on weight, then this method helps you. For example, if you want to charge Rs.20 per Kg, use this option and our order by whatsapp system will calculate automatically.

Product Wise Tax:
You can set different taxes for different products with Product Wise Tax feature. For example if a product has 5% tax and another product has 18% tax and another product has no tax at all, you can easily set that in your admin.

Product Wise Discount:
You can set different discount for different products with Product Wise Discount feature. For example if you want to give a product 5% discount and another product 10% discount, you can easily set that in your admin. Please not discounts work only in percentages.

Volume Based Discount:
You can set discount based on volume of purchase like "Buy above Rs.1000 and get 5% discount and above Rs.5000 and get 10% discount."

Our Plans:
We have three plans, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Please choose your plan based on the features you need. Check our pricing page and get it within few minutes. No Designing Charges, No Developing Charges, No Hosting Charges and No Commission on Sales. Very Easy and Userfriendly System. Full Customer Support. Then why do you hesitate ?! Go and Grab it...

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When you compare the charges of having your own e-commerce website, Our charges are really very affordable for the services we offer.

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